"the hotter it is, the more water he needs to cool down his body temperature," corinna, 40, who lives in germany, wrote..

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despite travel warnings, mariah carey to still perform in indonesia.

new research shows a growing number of young people are thinking about taking their own lives, and the study suggests school stress may play a role..

allison aubrey, byline: like a lot of us, olivia mitchell (ph) has had some preconceived notions about frozen food. she prefers to buy fresh produce...

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    mactavish-west: you could take fresh vegetables, and you put them in the fridge maybe for up to a week. they'll just continue to decline in most cases.. to add a comment. registration is free, and takes less than a minute.. belfast sex slave: 'if i asked for food i was beaten, if i tried to sleep i was raped' ..

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    may 17, 2018